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oauth2 endpoints now available!!

Ricardo Enrique · 2 years ago5 changes

After months of implementing an oauth2 service we finally launched the endpoints to use it and updated the documentation accordingly.

This is a huge step forward to the api v2.0 which will be fully RESTful.

The next steps to take are the follow...

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API version 1.1 with oauth2

Ricardo Enrique · 2 years ago4 changes

We've been making huge changes in the rebuilding society API. A huge step towards the so expected version 2.0 is the integration of oauth2 protocol to authenticate API resource calls, with the final goal to switch to a fully RESTful API.

The current api key based authentication will continue to wor...

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Get ready for API version 2.0

Daniel Rajkumar · 3 years ago

Just a quick note to let you know that we're busy preparing v2 of the API, which will replace the GET request with POST for many methods while we prepare the API to be fully REST compatible. You should keep this in mind if developing on version 1.0.

    Improve Credit Risk Analysis with BorrowerCheck

    Daniel Rajkumar · 3 years ago

    We've made it easy for any credit institution to check the repayment form of our borrowers. Simply send us a company Number and we'll return their repayment performance.

    This is a public method, so you don't need an API key to use it.

    We'll ask the team at to adopt this meth...

      Welcome to rebuildingsociety

      Daniel Rajkumar · 3 years ago

      Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for rebuildingsociety!